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Log Your Dives For Good!

Hello divers around the World! I'm Keith, the founder of 150bar dive log app (a not-for-profit passion project). I am excited to announce that we have launched the app on Apple App Store and Google Play! I'm so excited that we can start empowering every diver to be a citizen scientist through logging their dives!

You can find the key features of the dive log below:

Why 150bar?

It started as a personal pain point - logging dives in a book is boring. I can't upload pictures, tag my buddies, and I have to make sure my dive instructor physically stamps it. When I forgot to bring my dive log book on a dive trip, I had to resort to scribbling logs on loose pieces of paper. Also, after a dive, divers are quick to get back to their phones and cameras, rarely anyone starts logging in their log book. "Why can't someone just build a dive log app?!" Well, apparently many people have! During my research, I must have tried over 40 different dive log apps. Not surprisingly, major certification bodies like PADI and SSI have their own dive log apps too. The problem is however, they often crash or have very bad/confusing UI.

Thus, I decided to take matters into my own hands and got together an engineer and designer to build 150bar.

From Dive Log to Citizen Science

As we started scoping the product, it became apparent that what we are building can grow to be so much more than a dive log, that the data contributed by divers could be used to track underwater temperature at popular dive sites over time. As a diver, I've always been saddened when I read news about the impact of climate change and how coral bleaching is occurring at an increased rate. With dive log data contributions from divers like you, we can use the aggregated temperature and depth data from thousands of dive logs to predict the likelihood of coral bleaching events at certain sites, and work with community leaders to take preemptive measures. That is why, we've made sure to get the data engineering architecture right from day 1. We are really excited to take the next step to get 150bar into more diver's mobile phones now.

I really look forward to hearing your feedback on our product.

To submit a feedback, simply go to Profile > Feedback > Submit feedback.

P.S. Given the current Covid-19 situation, even if you are not going on a dive trip anytime soon, it will be great to use this time to upload your dive cards on the app, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring them on your next dive trip. Simply go to the Dive Cards tab to enter the details of your dive card and submit a photo along with it.

Stay safe and healthy!

Yours truly,


#150bar #logyourdivesforgood

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